CerealsDB Webtools

This page contains descriptions and links to some of the webtools contained on CerealsDB.

For access to a particular webtool, please click on an icon in the table below.

Webtool for retrieving genotyping data for 820K and 35K arrays.
Variety Information Search for information on a particular lines (elite variety, landrace, wheat relative) that have been genotype on either the 35K or 820K axiom array.
QTL database - select a phenotype to obtain all QTLs associated with it.
Webtool that can be used to find other SNPs containing sequences that align to the same region in other species such as Rice.
SNP Probe Locator Search for SNP probes located on the same chromosome in the IWGSC v1.0 assembly.
820K dendrogram A dendrogram of data obtained using the 820K Array.
35K dendrogram A dendrogram of data obtained using the 35K Breeders Array.
Putative Introgression Plotter This tool allows the users to search for putative introgressions from wheat progenitors and wheat relative into a selected elite wheat variety.
Functional SNPs Search for SNPs that are non-synonymous (missense); i.e., SNPs that change protein amino acid sequence. Use FATHMM scores to predicts whether the SNP is likely to have deleterious effect on protein function.

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