CerealsDB Webtools

Retrieve genotyping data derived from the 820K and 35K arrays.
QTL database - Select a phenotype to obtain all QTLs associated with it.
Cross-species SNPs - Find SNP containing sequences that align to regions in Brachypodium, Rice and Sorghum.
SNP Probe Locator - Search for SNP probes located on the same chromosome in the IWGSC v1.0 assembly.
Dendrograms - View dendrograms based on data obtained using the 820K Array or 35K Array.
Putative Introgression Plotter - Search for putative introgressions in wheat varieties.
Functional SNPs - Search non-synonymous (missense) SNP; i.e., SNPs that change protein amino acid sequence.
Minimal Marker set - see the set of 32 SNP markers and identify varieties and their profiles.

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