Welcome to CerealsDB

This website, created by members of the Functional Genomics Group at the University of Bristol, is aimed at those who wish to obtain information regarding Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) in the genomes of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) and its relatives

These resources are available as an on-line, searchable database. Via this website and associated publications, we have placed all the data related to each and every SNP, including available flanking sequences (usually 120 base pairs or greater), in the public domain. We hope that by making this information freely available without restriction, it will encourage other wheat geneticists to do likewise.

Wheat development

This link takes you to the wheat development pages of the WheatBP website which is no longer actively maintained.

SNP databases

The information regarding SNP markers is grouped according to genotyping platform:

  • Axiom® 820K and 35K SNP Arrays
  • Along with researchers at Affymetrix, we have developed both an 820K and a 35K feature wheat SNP array. The data sets for these (Affymetrix code, Bristol SNP code and probe sequence containing the SNP ambiguity code) can be downloaded here.

  • KASP probes
  • We have optimised KASP technology to develop a SNPs database for wheat.

  • iSelect Array
  • The iSelect Array contains over 80,000 SNP loci of which 44,000 have been mapped.

  • TaqMan® probes
  • In a partnership with Life Technologies (Thermo Fisher Scientific) we have to designed a collection of 4,800 TaqMan® SNP Assays for varietal markers within the wheat genome.

Agronomically important SNPs (flowering time)

A set of SNPs markers developed as part of the ADAPTWHEAT project can be viewed here.

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