Core Marker Set

This core set of 960 KASP assays have been selected from all our validated assays. The markers have been selected to be evenly distributed across the genome, using the Avalon x Cadenza genetic map and taking into account individual chromosome map lengths and amount of marker clustering. Where possible, the markers have also been selected to be co-dominant and polymorphic on the CIRC set of 46 varieties.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
Total 122 137 142 115 168 124 152 960
A 32 49 54 46 53 46 60 340
B 53 42 54 46 70 40 44 347
D 37 46 32 23 47 38 48 273

To download an Excel Spreadsheet of the Core Markers set, please click here.

Please note that for convenience all of our marker data sets are scored as AA, AB or AB, however, due to the nature of the three different genotyping platforms and the polyploidy nature of the wheat genome, these designations do not necessarily represent the two homozygote and the one heterozygote states, instead they simply represent the position of the clusters against the X and Y axis defined by the software packages. For further information we recommended that you contact either illumina (iSelect), LGC (KASP) or Affymetrix (Axiom).

MAS data

Due to inconsistencies discovered in this dataset, CerealsDB is no longer hosting this data. If you wish to access the original MAS data, please contact the following individuals:

Mapping data

In the database, we have mapping data for the following populations:

  1. Avalon X Cadenza (deposited May 2013) *
  2. Chinese Spring X Paragon (deposited Sept 2013)
  3. Paragon X JIC Synthetic (deposited Sept 2013)
  4. Savannah X Rialto (deposited May 2013)
  5. Synthetic X Opata (deposited May 2013)

To download Excel workbooks containing the mapping data for the any of the crosses, simply click on the population name highlighted in blue. The workbooks may contain upto 9 spreadsheets ('Mapping data', 'MapDisto' and a seperate sheet for the maps of each of the 7 homoeologous chromosome groups).

* The population of doubled-haploid (DH) individuals, derived from F1 progeny of a cross between cvs Avalon and Cadenza, was developed by Clare Ellerbrook, Liz Sayers and the late Tony Worland (John Innes Centre), as part of a Defra funded project led by ADAS. The parents were originally chosen (to contrast for canopy architecture traits) by Steve Parker (CSL), Tony Worland and Darren Lovell (Rothamsted Research). All marker data for non BS-coded markers was made available by the Wheat Genetic Improvement Network.

All data download

Most recent data update to database: 1st May 2013

To obtain a single Excel workbook containing all information (haplotypes, map position, KASP primers, contig sequence and BLAST data) regarding the validated SNPs contained in our database, simply click on the button below. The workbook will contain 3 separate spreadsheets ('Haplotypes', 'Primers' and 'BLAST') each containing specific details regarding the validated SNPs.

Please be patient! It may take as much as 2 minutes for the Excel spreadsheet to be downloaded.

VCF file download

A VCF file for the KASP SNPs can be downloaded from here.

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