Contig Sequence

Contig name: BC000013213 (Nimblegen Contig name: CONTIG104064)

Contains SNP BS00027693 at position 407 (ambiguity code highlighted in red in the sequence below).


Note: The ambiguity code Y, highlighted in red, translates to ).

The highlighted SNP has not been mapped. Any other SNPs on the same contig are reported in the table below.

All SNPs on contig

There are 32 putative SNPs on this contig. If mapping information obtained from varietal crosses is available, it is shown in the table. When the SNP has NOT been mapped, the corresponding fields in the table are left blank and, if available, a putaive location for the contig, based on our extensive NGS of various wheat lines, is given below the table.

SNPs id Position Map Location AxC cM Map Location SxR cM
BS00027682 29
BS00027695 51
BS00027696 61
BS00027697 66
BS00027698 74
BS00027667 119
BS00027668 148
BS00027669 155
BS00027670 158
BS00027671 166
BS00027672 167
BS00027673 173
BS00027674 188
BS00027675 202
BS00027676 203
BS00027677 230
BS00027678 245
BS00027679 252
BS00027680 270
BS00027681 281
BS00027683 305
BS00027684 311
BS00027685 324
BS00027686 345
BS00027687 346
BS00027688 350
BS00027689 356
BS00027690 357
BS00027691 371
BS00027692 377
BS00027693 407 2B 10.83 2B2 8.32
BS00027694 420

BLAST information

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