The 23 wheat varieties used in the initial study to develop KASP assays for wheat SNPs

Wheat variety Breeder/Source Ploidy Planting Pedigree
Alcedo NIAB Hexaploid Winter (Record AUT x Poros) x Carstens-VIII
Alchemy Limagrain UK Ltd Hexaploid Winter Claire x (Consort x Woodstock)
Avalon Plant Breeding International Cambridge Ltd. Hexaploid Winter Maris-Ploughman x Bilbo
Bacanora CIMMYT Hexaploid Spring (Jupateco-73 x BlueJay) x Ures-81
Brompton Elsoms Seeds Ltd Hexaploid Winter CWW 92.1 x Caxton
Cadenza CPB Twyford Ltd Hexaploid Spring Axona x Tonic
Chinese Spring (L42) JIC Hexaploid Spring A Chinese Land Race
Claire Limagrain UK Ltd Hexaploid Winter Wasp x Flame
Croc WGGRC Tetraploid Spring Triticum turgidum subsp. Dicoccoides (AB genome)
Hereward RAGT seeds Ltd Hexaploid Winter Norman sib x Disponent
Opata CIMMYT Hexaploid Spring Bluejay x Jupateco-73
Recital C.C. Benoist Hexaploid Winter Mexique-267 (R-267) x 9369
Renan INRA Hexaploid Winter (Mironovskaya-808 x Maris-Huntsman) x Courtot
Rialto RAGT seeds Ltd Hexaploid Winter Haven x Fresco
Robigus KWS UK Ltd Hexaploid Winter Z836 x 1366 (PUTCH)
Savannah Zeneca Seeds UK Ltd. Hexaploid Winter Riband x Brigadier
Shamrock Verneuil Recherche Hexaploid Winter COMPL TIG 323-1-3m x CWW 4899/25
Soissons Maison Florimond Desprez France Hexaploid Winter Iena (Jena) x HN35
Synthetic John Innes Centre Hexaploid Spring Unknown
Synthetic 39 WGGRC Hexaploid Spring TA1618 x Croc
TA1618 WGGRC Diploid Spring Aegilops tauschii (D genome)
Weebil CIMMYT Hexaploid Spring Unknown
Xi19 Limagrain UK Ltd Hexaploid Spring (Cadenza x Rialto) x Cadenza

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