Search the Chinese Spring draft genome assembly or raw sequence reads using BLAST

As part of a BBSRC funded program to discover useful sequence polymorphisms in bread wheat we have sequenced the wheat variety Chinese Spring using Roche 454 technology.

The draft assembly of the gene-rich regions of the genome, or the raw sequence reads can be searched using the BLAST form below. This project is a collaboration between the Universities of Bristol and Liverpool together with the John Innes centre in Norwich.

The raw data represents 5x genome coverage. At this level of coverage we would expect to have at least one read for > 95% of the genome. We are now moving on to sequence four UK wheat varieties to 30x coverage on the SOLiD platform for SNP discovery. The CS genome will act as the reference for the SOLiD reads.

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Database to search NB The default database is the draft gene-rich assembly.

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NB You may also download the complete gDNA sequence dataset; please see the terms and conditions in order to proceed.

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