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Accurate identification of named accessions in germplasm collections is extremely important. Thus, an inexpensive, reliable, and rapid genotyping method is essential because it avoids the need for laborious and time-consuming morphological comparisons. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) marker panels containing large numbers of SNPs have been developed for many crop species, but such panels are much too large for basic cultivar identification. Here, we have identified a minimum set of SNP markers sufficient to distinguish wheat varieties genotyped at Bristol University (over 2,500 varieties).

List varieties and their 32 marker, SNP profile

To obtain a list of all wheat varieties (2490 varieties genotyped with the minimal marker set) and their SNP profile click here.

Find variety from a given SNP profile

To obtain a list of the wheat varieties that share a SNP profile, please enter a SNP profile (e.g., 02022012200021122002000022220000) into the box below and then submit the form. NB/ SNP profiles should be exactly 32 characters long.


Compare to varieties

To compare the SNP profiles for two named wheat accessions, enter their names below (e.g. 'Savannah' and 'Abdallat') and then hit submit.


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