iSelect Download

To download a a CSV file (can be opened as an Excel spreadsheet) containing the iSelect data (83,022 rows) click here.

To download an Excel spreadsheet containing the iSelect scores for the Avalon X Cadenza and the Rialto X Savannah DH populations click here.

Please note that for convenience all of our marker data sets are scored as AA, AB or AB, however, due to the nature of the three different genotyping platforms and the polyploidy nature of the wheat genome, these designations do not necessarily represent the two homozygote and the one heterozygote states, instead they simply represent the position of the clusters against the X and Y axis defined by the software packages. For further information we recommended that you contact either illumina (iSelect), LGC (KASP) or Affymetrix (Axiom).

VCF file download

A VCF file for the iSelect SNPs can be downloaded from here.

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