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Using the form below, users can search the sequence capture probes that were designed for use with the MyBait system. First select a probe category - users can select:

All probes
Co-dominant probes (the most useful set for breeding purposes)
Dominant probes
Partially co-dominant probes.

Once a category has been selected, users should also select a probeset - there are three available:

All: This set consists of all 15,167 probes.
Cross Platform: This set consists of 3,256 probes that showed greater than 95% similarity between the Axiom and NextSeq genotyping platforms.
Cross Platform (All): This set consists of the 782 probes that were common to the KASP, Axiom and NextSeq genotyping platforms.

Once a probeset has been selected, you can then select probes from specific chromosomes (or click on the "Select All" box to highlight all chromosomes).

The number of probes designed for each chromosome is displayed in the table below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
Total 2704 2622 2216 1215 2245 2198 1967 15167
A 864 710 720 597 885 885 865 5526
B 1370 1651 1070 529 1034 1107 841 7602
D 470 261 426 89 326 206 261 2039

The entire set of 15,167 probe sequences and associated information can also be downloaded in excel spreadsheet format here.

If you use these sequence capture probes in any of your research please cite the following article:

Amanda J. Burridge, Paul A. Wilkinson, Alexandra M. Allen, Mark O. Winfield, Gary L.A. Barker, Jane A. Coghill, Christy Waterfall and Keith J. Edwards. Conversion of array-based single nucleotide polymorphic makers for use in targeted genotyping by sequencing in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum)

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