Welcome to Wheat, the big picture

PLEASE NOTE: to visit the former WheatBP site, which is now just a section of the new site, just click the "Wheat Development" link on the menu bar to the left. You will then be in the former site.

On the WheatBP (Wheat, the big picture) site we provide background information on all aspects of wheat. We are sure that there is something here for everyone: farmers, millers, brewers, teachers, students, cereal biologists or, indeed, anyone who might be interested in getting to know a little more about one of the world's most important crops.

There are links to our work in the Functional Genomics Group at the School of Biological Sciences, Bristol University, which is funded via various UK government and EU sponsored research programmes instigated under the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council's Investigating Genome Function initiative. This research project has developed modern molecular tools, which are now being used to understand the various stages of grain development. You can find further wheat-based research by searching the BBSRC OASIS database.