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Accurate identification of named accessions in germplasm collections is extremely important, especially for vegetatively propagated crops which are expensive to maintain. Thus, an inexpensive, reliable, and rapid genotyping method is essential because it avoids the need for laborious and time-consuming morphological comparisons. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) marker panels containing large numbers of SNPs have been developed for many crop species, but such panels are much too large for basic cultivar identification. Here, we have identified a minimum set of SNP markers sufficient to distinguish apple cultivars held in the English and Welsh national collections providing a cheaper and automatable alternative to the markers currently used by the community. We show that SNP genotyping with a small set of well selected markers is equally efficient as microsatellites for the identification of apple cultivars and has the added advantage of automation and reduced cost when screening large numbers of samples.

To see the dendrograms of these 2,500 sample, visit the iTOL site.

Get Accessions Names

To obtain a list of the apple accessions that share a SNP profile, please enter a SNP profile (e.g., 120211112210211021122) into the box below and then submit the form. NB/ SNP profiles should be exactly 21 characters long.

You may select the number of failed markers that are allowed between the profile of the query sample and the profiles in the database (the default is set to 2). You may also select whether to permit there to be any differences between the query sample and the profiles in the database (the default value is set to 0).




Get SNP Profiles

To obtain the SNP profile for a named apple accessions, enter the accession name (e.g. Frederick) into the box below and then submit the form. If you don't know the full name of the variety you are looking for, enter the first few letters of the name; for example entering the term 'Jan' (case insensitive, so 'jan' would also work) returns 6 names: 'Jan Steen', 'Jansen von Welten', 'Jane 1', 'Jane 2', 'Jane 3' and 'Jane 4'.


Compare to varieties

To compare the SNP profiles for two named apple accessions, enter their names below (e.g. Frederick) and then hit submit.